Next Generation Emergency Services

To create a pan-European emergency service for all citizens

The PEMEA standard (ETSI TS 103 478) enables emergency Apps to discover the appropriate emergency service in Europe, based on location and language preferences.

AUTOMATED CALLS are integrated with emergency systems, enabling the early detection of incidents and allowing adequate resource selection and dispatch.

CITIZENS benefit from a universal and accessible emergency App, delivering Total Conversation (combined voice, audio and text) and advanced data exchange capabilities.

FIRST RESPONDERS gain a dedicated App providing rich situational awareness to dispatched response teams on the move and supporting end-to-end connectivity.

To establish a collaborative communication chain from PSAP operators to First Responders


Since its creation in 2003, Deveryware ( provided constant support to the work of security professionals assigned to keep people and goods safe. As a real-time geolocation expert, Deveryware has a very significant experience in the field of civil security and is currently investing in GHALE, the company’s implementation of the PEMEA standard to bring about an interoperable approach to emergency calls using mobile Apps and modern IP-based technologies.


EDGENEERING ( is a leading technology provider for the integrated smart healthcare, assisted living and public safety markets. Leveraging on the IoT paradigm, EDGENEERING is developing eCare, an innovative big data platform integrating wellbeing and ambient living data that will enable automated calls to the emergency services, upon the early detection of a serious incident to facilitate timely and adequate assistance. Also eSafer will be explored as the App for First Responders, providing them with advanced communication and situation awareness capabilities.


Omnitor ( is a pioneering company in Total Conversation, remote communication services and products providing harmonised communications solutions for real-time communication in video, audio and text, accessible for all citizens. Omnitor is building the eCtouch, an Emergency App for citizens featuring Total Conversation and sending additional data of the caller to emergency citizens, including pre-defined emergency messages that allow communication when the citizen is deaf, deaf-blind or hearing impaired or simply is not able to speak at the time of the call.