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AIMES Pilot in Sweden – Success

On October 22 the second pilot of the AIMES – Advanced Internet-based Multimedia Emergency Services project was held. Thanks to the participation and involvement of Digia Plc, the developer of the Finnish emergency app, and the Finnish Emergency Response Centre Agency the Pilot became a reality.

The pilot was hosted by Omnitor, accompanied by EDGENEERING and Deveryware.

The second AIMES Pilot demonstrated public alerts in a Sweden-Finland roaming scenario and automated emergency calls, with vital information being automatically sent to the emergency service in two emergencies at home scenarios. The scenarios showcased the novel capabilities brought by the AIMES System, and enabled by PEMEA, to improve the emergency response efficiency and outcomes.

The demonstration also highlighted the AIMES System’s roaming, automatic text translation and interoperability capabilities, as it empowers a true pan-European next-generation emergency service thanks to PEMEA.

Recording of the pilot. The participants and discussion sessions have been cropped out.
Christer Ulfsparre and Simon Jakobsson from Omnitor excited to get the pilot started!
The final moments of the pilot were filled with joy over a successful pilot !

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AIMES is a European project, dedicated to the creation of the next-generation emergency service (NGES), in which Internet-based technologies enable a new set of capabilities to facilitate a faster, more informed and more effective emergency response.

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